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If you’re a homeowner who is serious about drying up your damp, unhealthy crawlspace, Crawl Space Encapsulation is the best way to combat moisture and keep your indoor air quality safe.

If you are tired of dealing with the foul, musty odors coming from your crawl space, a Crawl Space Encapsulation system will end your moisture problems!

The team at Foundation and Crawl Space Pros are dedicated to preserving the integrity of homes all across Columbia. By implementing an effective crawl space waterproofing method, you can help prevent structural damage to your home.

If your foundation already has significant structural damages, don’t despair! Our experienced team can make recommendations and implement them to remedy those damages for you as well.

Let us help you turn your problematic crawl space into a clean, dry foundation that is an asset to your home rather than a liability!

If you’re ready for a clean, professional Crawl Space Encapsulation, give our team a call today 803-900-1114 to get started with your free, no obligation estimate.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl Space Encapsulation is the process of sealing off your entire crawl space in its entirety with a plastic material. In addition, a sump pump and dehumidifier are installed to help keep moisture at bay.

When your crawl space is encapsulation, 100% of the dirt floor is covered in a plastic moisture barrier. In addition, all seams, joists and vents are covered as well.

The purpose of encapsulating your crawl space is to reduce the amount of moisture that is able to enter into it, which reduces the risk of mold and other water damages. This results in cleaner air in your crawl space, which is air that you share inside your home.

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Crawl Space Repair

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What are the Signs of a Problematic Crawl Space That Could Benefit from Crawl Space Repair?

There are many telltale signs that should tip you off that your Crawl Space Encapsulation has become problematic not just to the structural integrity of your home, but to the quality of the air that you breathe as well.

If you are experiencing any of the following, crawl space repair , Crawl Space Encapsulation or crawl space insulation may be a good option for your home:

High Humidity: If you’ve lived in Columbia for long you already know that the humidity levels in the summertime are high. So high in fact, that you may not notice when your humidity problems are originating in your crawl space. If you find that your indoor air is especially humid, despite running your air conditioner, your problem could be moisture filled air rising from your foundation.

Additionally, if you notice that you are continuously having to turn your air conditioner down to keep your home cool and the humidity at bay, you may be battling against the humid air that is seeping up from below. This is not only unhealthy, it can also cause your utility bill to skyrocket.

-Infestations: Many living things thrive in environments just like your damp crawl space. Mold, fungus, mildew, insects, mice, and other pests all love dark, wet spaces. If you have a chronic water contamination problem in your crawl space, you may have living infestation problems on your hands. If this situation is not remedied immediately, you are in danger of pests and mold spore migrated up into your living space.

Damaged Floorboards: If your ground-floor floorboards are creaking, bending, or sagging when you walk across them, damaged wood or support beams are likely to blame. When there is too much moisture in your crawl space, your wooden structural elements are gradually damaged and worn down. If not addressed quickly, you are looking at costly damage to your home that a proper Crawl Space Encapsulation would prevent.

-Odor: A wet crawl space will begin to produce a foul odor over time thanks to mold, mildew and other unsavory invaders. These organisms produce warm, muggy, polluted air that will give your home an unpleasant odor.

Benefits of Crawl Space Waterproofing

Encapsulating your crawl space insulation with a vapor barrier comes with many benefits, including:

Better Air Quality: One of the greatest benefits is achieving better air quality. Studies have shown that between 40-60% of the air you breathe is shared with your crawl space. Given this percentage, it is obvious that you want a clean, healthy crawl space.

Lower Humidity Levels: When your crawl space is encapsulated, the relative humidity will stay below 60%, even when the outside humidity levels are much higher. Add in the work of your dehumidifier and you can easily achieve humidity levels less than 50%.

Higher Energy Efficiency: You will also benefit from greater energy efficiency when you add a basement and crawl space vapor barrier. With our proven system in place, you could see a drastic decrease in your overall energy use which means more money in your pocket!

Increased Durability: Your home’s flooring, HVAC equipment and other structural components in your crawl space will be more durable and less susceptible to damage.

Fewer Pest and Mold Problems: With proper Crawl Space Repair you will see few mold and pest infestation issues because they will no longer be able to gain access to the space as freely.

Increased Comfort: You will experience an overall increase in comfort in your home thanks to the improved air quality and reduction in humidity.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Columbia, SC

For the best Crawl Space Encapsulation Columbia SC has to offer, you need the professionals at Foundation and Crawl Space Pros. For over a decade we have been serving Columbia residents for all their Crawl Space Repair needs.

Our team is comprised of dedicated and experienced professionals whose mission is to help our friends and neighbors achieve a healthier, cleaner home for their families.

We provide free, no cost consultations for all Crawl Space Encapsulation and repairs. One of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will come to your home and perform a comprehensive inspection of your crawl space and provide you with a detailed report, including recommendations for service.

We believe that every Columbia homeowner should have access to high quality, professional Crawl Space Encapsulation, so we price our services affordably while maintaining the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Ready to experience the amazing benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation and live a healthier, happier life? Give us a call today to get started!