Is Crawl Space Encapsulation Worth The Cost? 

There have always been Crawl Spaces around, but they are becoming more popular because homeowners begin to realize their improved convenience. Is Crawl Space Encapsulation worth the cost? Yes, it is worth. If you compare concrete floors and conventional floor setups, crawl spaces will grant easy access to the plumbing setup together with air ducts, and repairing them becoming effortless.

Moreover, crawlspaces were also used as a storage facility. Although, there are several disadvantages of crawl spaces such as trapped moisture, carpenter ants, termites, and vermin; accumulation of foul gases and invasion of wildlife.

I’ve been doing Crawl Space Encapsulation business for more than two decades now. A good number of correspondences I have addressed were always concerning the foul smell and bad odors that are generated from crawlspaces. It’s imperative to recognize the root causes behind such foul odors and you need to work on strategies that will eliminate the root causes. Crawlspace encapsulation is relatively a new technique which will help you to protect your crawl space and the health of your family.

However, you need to know how to choose the right encapsulation system for your home. By encapsulating your crawl space, you no longer have to worry about rodents or other wild animals invading your crawl space, moisture accumulation, termites and foul smell that was haunting you for long. A Do-It-Yourself encapsulation kit will undisputedly help you to protect your home from unwanted disasters.

Choosing the Right Crawl Space Encapsulation System: Things You Should Look For

There are four potential threats for your crawl space: mold, water, rodents, and other animals. The foul smell is as a result of all these elements. Your crawl space is the natural source of fresh air but when the odor is generated in this area, the fresh air entering your home will also be affected. By eliminating the root causes of odor, you can significantly improve the air quality in your home. 

  • Liner: I received several phone calls from disappointed customers who spent their hard-earned money on thin liners because some store owner advised them to do so. However, any liner material without 0.000 permeability and at least 20mil thickness won’t help you to encapsulate the system and prevent water and radon gas entering your home.
  • Water: You need a waterproof encapsulation because this will help you to prevent rainwater or any other source of running water entering your crawlspace. Moreover, this will also help you to bring down the moisture level, which is a good initiative in making your crawl space unsuitable for rodents and mold.
  • Dehumidifier: If you install the proper liner system, the need for a dehumidifier is greatly reduced as the purpose of removing moisture. The reason being, that a proper liner system will stop the water or moisture before it gets into the home or crawlspace, thus eliminating the need for a dehumidifier.
  • Mold Neutralizer: Dehumidifiers can prevent mold growth to a large extent, but mold neutralizer destroys bacteria, alga, and mold and also prevents their future growth.

These are some important factors to be considered when installing an encapsulation system for your home. You also need to consider the warranty & price offered by your store owner.

Maintaining your home can be expensive, but by investing in professional encapsulating systems that will protect your home for several decades, you’re making a wise investment. Is Crawl Space Encapsulation worth the cost?  Yes, it is worth and you will not regret. You can protect your crawl space from damages and health hazards, thus making it a very useful space for households.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Together with crawl space insulation and vapor barrier installation, Crawl Space Encapsulation has continuously become popular in the past few years. Many people are turning to the realization that taking care of such spaces has more than one benefit, despite the high installation costs that might be involved. To respond to this new realization, the maintenance, and repair industry has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. So, what are the most common benefits that you can reap from having a well encapsulated and insulated crawl space? Here is a look!

It assists you in maintaining your home Value

Since this type of insulation and encapsulation are becoming standard home trimmings, homeowners who have these installed in their homes increase the value of their home in the market should they need to sell.

Crawl Space Encapsulation will also reduce the wear and tear of your home, this makes it durable. Moisture and Water could bring havoc to your house. Whether there are measures you have been taking to care for it. Although it is possible to control the water quagmire without resulting in encapsulation, it is evident that encapsulation plays a vital role in completely stemming it out. It is not easy to control Moisture without proper encapsulation and insulation.

Safeguarding the health of your family

Crawl space which is well-ventilated means a healthy family. Moisture that is not attended to in the crawl spaces will be the source of your respiratory ailments which your family will fall prey to. This includes deadly diseases such as asthma. To stop this problem once and for all, you should consider tending to the problem. Installing a vapor barrier coupled with the best insulation and encapsulation will help you kick out some of these problems.

It reduces the Maintenance Costs

Crawl space that is not attended to attract moisture which can, in turn, provides a very conducive atmosphere for mold and mildew to grow. This will bring havoc to your house through eating on materials and paint that is used in building your house. In the long run, it leads to high maintenance costs of your house. A space like this without the proper insulation also attracts termites which can destroy the foundation of your house.

Don’t forget that we have not mentioned energy bills that will be used to standardize the air in your place. Without the correct insulation, unconditioned air from outside mixes with the inside air demanding a lot of energy to put it under control. You can reduce your energy bills by having this type of encapsulation installed in your home.

With all these benefits in place, it is not hard to see why such type of encapsulation has caught the craze in the market. You are sure to get a lot more than you can think of and save on your pocket too.

Crawl Space Pros has the expertise as well as proper customer care system, the entire installation process will be quite simple and smooth. You don’t have to worry about your crawl space for at least 25 years!